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“Enhancing Corporate Value”

Since its inception in 1993, AXIOM Co., Ltd. has grown into a leading executive search firm in Japan. Our solid track record for successful placement of top-level management and next-generation business leaders, has directly enhanced our client’s corporate development. Along with Japan’s ever-changing industrial society, our company has adapted to market movements to capitalize on placement opportunities and has depth of experience meeting diversified human resource needs.Who are our clients? Working closely together, we have supported a range of businesses including multinational corporations’ extensions into the Japanese market, global expansion of national enterprises, innovative entrepreneurial ventures, corporate turnarounds and business successions.

With over 17 years of experience in human resource placement, we have had personalized career consultations with thousands of top-notch candidates. We have continued to build strong, long-term relationships with high-caliber, business professionals of various backgrounds. They encompass young business leaders with strong potential and experienced board members; both from a wide range of industries. They have experience, knowledge and proficiency of corporate functions including business development, strategy, sales, marketing, finance, business consulting, investment banking and corporate management.

Our core strength lies within this relationship network of top talent. We call our original approach “Tenshoku(展職)” in Japanese. AXIOM’s comprehensive matching process makes many deeper connections between our corporate clients’ vision and our candidate’s career aspirations. Our approach differs significantly from simple database searches of other employment agencies and retainer-based headhunters.

The result of our success not only has synergistic benefits for the candidate and our client company but has deeper impacts that can improve the well-being of society. The talented candidates that AXIOM introduces are ready to pursue a chance to realize their aspirations and dreams. Thus they can be assured to enthusiastically tackle any challenges that await them, achieve great performance, become valuable assets and inevitably generate profit for your companies. Indeed, corporate prosperity benefits industry and society, of which we all are part.

By embracing “Tenshoku(展職)”, AXIOM continuously strives to contribute to its clients’ growth and the development of a true industrial society.

Mitsuaki Watanabe
CEO and Founder
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