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AXIOM Co., Ltd., as a human resource agency, recognizes the strong need to protect personal information, and has established our stringent privacy policy.
Since our establishment, we have adhered to the “Employment Security Act” in providing our services to a number of individual and corporate clients. We will continuously implement the appropriate use of personal information in a safe environment under strict control.
All members of the board and all employees of AXIOM will comply with the policy below. In addition, we will ask for the understanding and cooperation of our clients about our policy so that all parties concerned will be able to utilize our services securely. Our privacy policy ensures that we will:

  • collect, use, or share personal information only with the express approval of the individual clients, and specify the scope of the purpose of the use of such information.
  • store personal information under strict control, and ensure appropriate security measures to prevent critical failures such as, unauthorized access, loss, corruption, fabrication, and improper disclosure.
  • develop and maintain related compliance programs of which all board members and employees must practice, and will make improvements as required.
  • adhere to the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.
Mitsuaki Watanabe
CEO and Founder
AXIOM Co., Ltd.
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