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Contingency-fee based search

Contingent fee based search services

  • Search from Original & External database
  • Approach to potential and now moving candidates
  • Approach to specific target

Focus on MBA since its foundation 23 years ago (very experienced in Japan)

  • MBA targeted search for 200 clients among total 890+ clients
  • MBA holders share 7000 headcount, 40% of its database
  • Wide covers: “applicants – candidates – holders”
  • Strong focus on Global leading MBA schools;
    • Yearly university visit to Top US schools and European schools
    • Yearly Job fair with 30+ clients targeting Global MBA candidates

Focus on business professionals with global experience

  • With high level English capability
    • Experiences include reports to Global Management, Business development, Negotiation, team work within multicultural/diverse environment
  • Profiles fit in positions of Global megasized companies’ Japan Branch and Japan entry business start-up of various companies

Additional Customized Variety Services

Job fair targeting Global MBA & MS/MA candidates

  • Track record with 30+ clients, annually held since 2005
    • Every summer; Excellent reputation
  • 150 entries, 100 participants (2016 actual)
    • Mainly Global Top 30 MBA candidates (excluding Japanese schools)
    • Renowned as “Must Go” event among self-sponsored candidates
    • Now spreading to Company-sponsored candidates accepted since 2015, shares 27% of entries (2016 actual)

Focused search (Headhunt)

  • Successful 50+ projects; Target trace, career-consult, motivate; Fruited to hiring

Mailing services

  • Successful 20+ projects by increase in contact point; Fruited to hiring

Internship / Leadership program support

  • Successful 10+ projects of search & event setting; Fruited to hiring

Way of service and placement

Facilitating recruitment for the employer, AXIOM will:

  1. Supply information related to the current labor market
  2. Advise the career recruitment from a human resource management or human capital management standpoint
  3. Provide counsel on the organization, HR, compensation systems and strategy
  4. Develop position profiling
  5. Give advice on recruitment plan (schedule / feasibility)
  6. Assess the candidates
  7. Conduct a consultation with the candidate regarding the career fit / Motivate to apply
  8. Provide advice for hiring conditions, arrangement of the offer, adjustment of conditions
  9. Arrange the reference process upon request
  10. Advise selection of the final candidate

Searching multiple channels, our targeted research includes:

  1. Our career consulting services, website and database
  2. External database
  3. Our career seminars and consulting in Japan and abroad
  4. Alumni, specialists and membership rosters
  5. Announcements in media such as in specialized magazines
  6. Individual research through our human network
  7. Research from industry data

Consulting and advising to facilitate a candidate’s career development as follows:

  1. Development of a successful mindset
  2. Planning for short-term and long-term career goals
  3. Motivation to follow career opportunities
  4. Assessment of candidate’s value in the labor market
  5. Information on future potential in the hiring company
  6. Advice for application and preparation for interviews
  7. Communication, adjustment and advice for the hiring conditions
  8. Support for smooth resignation from the actual employment after employment agreement
  9. Retention of the new employment

Matching candidates with unique opportunities:

  1. Consultation about the respective visions of the employer and candidate
  2. Individual advice and information to increase recruitment success
  3. Arrangement of timing
  4. Advice and proposing creative matching patterns
  5. Arrangement of the final conditions and agreement
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