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Contingent Fee System

Our service fee is contingent upon your successful recruitment of the candidate, and payable within 1 month from the starting day of employment. In general, we do not charge any retainer fee, consultation service fee or travel expense. (Exceptional travel expenses may be incurred if necessary and with your agreement.)
We provide unique recruitment solutions to our clients, remaining competitive with retainer-base executive search firm services. In addition we provide the same attention and service for recruitment of staff and middle management as we do for top executives.

30-40% Service Fee

Our service fee is calculated at the rate of 30-40% of the starting annual remuneration of the candidate. This includes all salary related to the candidate’s employment in the first 12 months. In general, this includes the annual salary as described in the offer letter/ employment notice or in other compensation schemes, it includes base salary and incentives. Variable incentives, such as performance bonuses or stock options are excluded from this calculation. However, any special bonus (such as a sign-up bonus) obtained through the process of negotiating the terms of the employment conditions is included. Our maximum service fee is set no higher than 50 percent.

Reimbursement of the Service Fee

If the recruited candidate is terminated within 6 months from the starting date, we will reimburse our service fee based on the following schedule:
Termination within 1 month 80%
Termination between 1 and 6 months 20%
Exceeding 6 months none
The reimbursement rate is based on the period from the starting date to the day of the candidate’s resignation.
Please note: If the employment agreement is terminated for reasons of the employer, such as restructuring business, changing strategy or closing of business units, the service fee will not be reimbursed.

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