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1. Vast, highly qualified network of candidates

We can introduce high quality candidates that may not be reached through ordinary channels such as general ads or other recruiting agencies. We have an extensive network of more than 17,000 competent potential candidates including 7,000 MBA degree holders from overseas and domestic schools.

2. Strong trust relationship

Our unique concept of continuous support in career development creates a long-term relationship with individual candidates. We strive to make an individual’s dreams come true in their career development and accordingly have provided opportunities for a number of management executives and business leaders. We have worked hard and over time to gain their trust.

3. Solid track record for strategic placement

We have successfully served our clients in highly confidential cases such as filling managerial needs of PE or venture capital funds or finding a successor for a founding family of a large enterprise. Our experienced consultants introduce sensitive positions only to applicants who match the requirements held under our strict information control system. Thus you can make an anxiety-free request to meet your needs for highly confidential positions such as a CEO, CFO, or COO.

4. Well-selected human resources via thorough screening process

Our career consultants select and introduce applicants who match the requirements by assessing their business skills, experiences, and even personalities. Therefore our corporate clients can assess candidates` information and move forward effectively to the end of the process.

5. Motivate candidates

Providing continuous consultation, we support candidates along a career track and ensure they clearly understand the requirements of the position. This creates a trust relationship for a bright future for them and this also provides optimally motivated candidates to our corporate clients.

6. Contingency fee system

We charge a commission only when the candidates join the client company. We do not take advance payment while offering our high quality consulting services. Our level of service is comparable to retainer-based executive search firm services.

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